Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why Malaysian? Why?

What a sad story to tell where in this week alone i saw 2 cars throw rubbish out of the window..
at the highway..and...
in front of 'their' kids.. Alamak... No civic at all..
How could you do bad things in front of your children..??
Don't you have in mind that one day your kids will follow your so called 'good behavior'??
Please malaysian..Please...
Have a little respect to others too..
Now we're in 21st century, we already have tallest building, and good living.. don't mess everything..
Do you realize that we are neighboring to one of the cleanest city in the world, Singapore??

And I swear to you, if i see you simply littering especially on the road, I will honk you until you'll get a shame coz someone notice what you're doing.. TQ.

Please change your attitude before you want to change the government... Ehhh...

Concerned Malaysian

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Words Can't Tell.....

Good morning...

I was contented with the good news i received yesterday from one of my best friend that she's pregnant.
oh Sweettttt..Alhamdulilah.
I know how you feel when the doctor said that the small beautiful creature is inside your womb by 6 weeks already.
Joyful..although it's a second child..
such a feeling that words can't tell.. Only all mommies and women can feel that..
Not to forget the husband too.. (Sorry pa..hehe)
She did mention about the nausea & vomitting.. That's the killer part. hahaha..
Different from the first baby, this time the morning sickness hits her.. (Alamak..pity u..)
And I was like, please don't remind me bout the past 4 months.. (i phobia la..hehe)
Cannot eat, cannot drink, cannot smell anything, cannot watch your favourite tv drama, cannot do anything at all..coz u'll feel like to vomit at anytime n anywhere...hahahaha.. Sounds cool rite??? (Fainted!)
Thank you Allah for this unique experiences for the mommies...
Coz at the end of the day, we realize that Your gift is the most precious gift to us.. Blessed!
Hope everything is going smoothly to all of us who are expecting. Insyallah...
For me, husband should play important role here.
Husband must always be by our sides to make us strong to face the all the test during pregnancy..
Give fully support, give full attention and love to the wife.
By the way she's carrying your child kan..?? Do love her...

All is well,

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 12/5/2013


Rasanya belum terlambat untuk saya wish Selamat hari ibu untuk semua ibu2 di luar sana..
Kalian sangat istimewa..
Kalian sangat istimewa..
Kalian sangat istimewa.. Kerana mempunyai gelaran ibu.. Kerana mempunyai anak-anak yang menyayangi dan menyanjungi kalian.. Teruskan menjadi ibu yg terbaik utk anak-anak...

Saya sangat bertuah kerana dikurniakan 3 org ibu yang sangat penyayang..
Mami iaitu Mak kandung saya, Mak iaitu Mother in law saya dan juga Ibu iaitu makcik saya..
Mami n Ibu, jaga saya dari kecil sehingga dewasa dengan penuh kasih sayang tanpa jemu..
Mother in Law jaga saya kini dan memberikan sepenuh kasih sayang yang tak berbelah bagi untuk satu-satunya menantu dia di dunia ni...
 Dah besar panjang sampai dah kawin pun masih ada org jaga dan menyayangi saya... Alhamdulilah..
Saya bersyukur dengan semua pemberian Allah untuk saya...
Jujur saya katakan, tanpa mereka, hidup saya tak bermakna..tanpa doa mereka, hidup saya tak semudah dan tak sebaik kini..
Alhamdulilah syukur ya allah.. Saya amat menyayangi mereka..
Jika suatu hari nanti Allah ambil mereka dari saya, saya redha kerana semua ini hanya pinjaman Allah untuk saya.. Saya akui tiada org setanding mereka..Saya tidak mampu membalas jasa mereka.. Balasan mereka hanyalah syurga Allah.. Dan saya juga berharap saya bole menjadi seperti mereka, menggantikan tempat mereka dan membesarkan anak2 saya dgn penuh kasih syg seperti yang pernah saya terima dari ketiga-tiga ibu saya... Amin ya rabbal al amin..

Tidak lupa juga kepada orang yang saya anggap istimewa dalam hidup saya iaitu Along saya.
Dia sudah seperti ibu kami.. Dia pun pernah menjaga saya, menjaga makan minum n pakai saya dan memberikan apa juga yang saya mahukan ketika remaja... Tidak pernah sedikit pun berkira terhadap adik-adiknya. Sehingga kini dia masih gigih membantu keluarga. Semoga sikap pemurah Along di balas syurga oleh Allah swt. Amin.. Happy mother's day juga untuk Along..

Thanks a ton to all my moms! I love u all.. happy mother's day.

Till then,