Sunday, October 18, 2009

A weekend in Genting Highlands..

Halurr everyone..
las weekend we went to Genting Highlands..stayed there for 3days 2nites.
stayed at first world hotel. actually,most of the hotels there were fully booked since it was a festive season..(deepavali)..

nak cite ape ye..?? ha, genting terlalu sejuk..sampai ayu susah nak tido malam..hihi
but i rily had a great time wif my sistas n mikail...
frankly speaking, i did not play all the rides at the outdoor theme park..
coz, 1st, hati tak kering nak main sume2 kat situ..
2nd, no one had forced or inspired me to play..ehhehe
3rd, terlalu ramai org beratur utk main sume permainan di malas nak tunggu..

here, i would like to share some of my photos in Genting, d city of entertainment..

Juz arrived at 1st world hotel..(16/10/09)

we had our lunch at Awana Resort b4 went back to Kl... (Sun, 18/10/09)
Dinner at Highlands hotel.. (Sat,18/10/09)
At bowling centre 1st world.. Shima Poyo...baru 1st time strike da kecoh..huhu.. (Sat,17/10/09)

At Snowworld... -4 degree celcius.. Sejukkk wooooo!!! (Sat, 17/10/09)

Am i that big?? Oh no!!! hehehe.. L size sweater.. hihi

At Haunted Houz.. sgt menyeramkan... tahniah kepada hantu2 di situ kerana bisa bikin gue ketakutan... huhu.. (Sat, 17/10/09)
At outdoor theme park... (Sat, 17/10/09)

Wif Mikail..
Shima, tabby & Mikail...

aYu n Mikail lagiiii....

Im not a Genting's Model.. x masal....hahaha..

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