Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Epitome...

I Like to be myself..
I Hate to be reflections of someone else..

I Like to be applauded by my achievement...
I Hate to be applauded by my stupidity...

I Like to be surrounded by love..
I Hate to be surrounded with anger and enemies...

I Like travel to everywhere..
I Hate travel to nowhere...

I Like people who love themselves..
I Hate people who only love themselves and ignore others..

I Like a guy who could treat me right..
I Hate a guy who only wants to be treated right..

I Like to lead my dreams..
I Hate dreams that lead my life..

I Like someone who can be by my side and tell me that everything is alright..
I Hate someone who always be my side and tells wrong about everything..

I Like a man who could always be a man in his life...
I Hate a man who could never have a chance to be a man in his life..

I Like the one who can accept the way i am..
I Hate the one who try to accept me as someone else...

I Like someone who could bring smiles to my face..
I Hate someone who could only bring tears to my eyes..

I Like to do something that i hate sometimes..
I Hate to do something that i like sometimes...

- ayu-

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