Thursday, March 11, 2010

DKSH Not just a Fan Tree..

Do u know what logo is that? (hehe..)

Dksh is one of the largest logistic company in the world...

and there is where i've worked...

As day goes by, I feel like i don't wanna leave...

I like the people, i like the environment, i like the job, and i like the spirit of team work...

The greatest moment sometimes cannot be described by words..

But i will never ever forget the moments with DKSH, the members, and not to forget the PCL too.. :)

P/s: For those who wants to expand their business, do not hesitate to deal with DKSH..i'm totally assured that DKSH will give 100% full essential services for you.
Feel free to view the website at


1 comment:

  1. salam, masih ni DKSH? DKSH PJ ke CSSC kat TPM? So far ok ke DKSH ni?