Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dear My Baby..

Today you're already 34 weeks old inside my tummy.
Soon you're going to see the world..
Crazy little world..
What are you doing inside there?
Sucking your finger or exercising? (You moved a lot you know??!!)

Baby, I wonder how do u look like..
Maybe look like me or your papa? or combination of us?
I hope my inherited dimple can be seen on your cheeks or else you'll have my long chin but not so long k..hehe.
and I hope you will have papa's beautiful long eyelashes and sharp nose or papa's chin dimple..(handsome)
Ahh..I cannot wait to see you..
I know tears will come out rite after I see your tiny lil face..and those tiny lil fingers..aiiiii..
(Ok mama will be patient baby..)

Baby, I know you're very special..special to me and papa.
My doa always with you..be a good muslim boy..(like your dadima (grandma) always say to you while you're still inside there. you can hear that??) Ok now everyone knows you are a boy! hehe
Insyallah we as a parents will give full attention and be responsible to cater your needs physically and spiritually..
Do not worry baby, I'm not going to be a fierce mother that always scolding her children.
But I cannot promise that I won't scold you forever in your life..hehe
Whatever wrongdoing is still wrong. Do not pretend to make it right.
Punishment still apply for you to learn and be a good  human being to your family and people around you..Simple!

Hey baby, mommy talk too much is it? haha. Now at least you know me so well.
(But I think your papa is more talkative than me. hehe)
After all he is a good man in my life. and will be yours too.
Baby, You know that today I am fasting? Its ramadhan baby!
I pity you coz, you cannot eat, cannot drink..I hope you're doing fine!
By the way, it's good. You've started early! hehe.

Ok baby, I'd better go..
Hope to see you soon. maybe after raya k son.. (please baby, give me chance to whack Tok Mi's ketupat & rendang..hehe)
Till next time.. I've got more stories to tell..
Mama Papa always love you.


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