Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Miss The Moment..

This is ELeo.. My best buddy at d hostel Uitm Kuching Sarawak...We shared memories and tears together...
I still love her..and will never forget her..
And now i dunno where she is...lost contact already.. :(

Kok, Eleo and I.. My Best buddies.. Both are Sarawakian..!

Eleo, Me and Agnes.. Fun.. We rily had a great time together..

In our class..We lived as a happy small family.. I miss u gals...All d best!

Posed! Borneo Tourism Conference 2007.. We had d opportunity to attend the conference..I still remember d moment frens..!

And seriously i miss my best lecturer ever..
he's looking huge ha..heheheh
How r u sir? im sure u miss me too (the notty student u ever had rite??)


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