Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why Malaysian? Why?

What a sad story to tell where in this week alone i saw 2 cars throw rubbish out of the window..
at the highway..and...
in front of 'their' kids.. Alamak... No civic at all..
How could you do bad things in front of your children..??
Don't you have in mind that one day your kids will follow your so called 'good behavior'??
Please malaysian..Please...
Have a little respect to others too..
Now we're in 21st century, we already have tallest building, and good living.. don't mess everything..
Do you realize that we are neighboring to one of the cleanest city in the world, Singapore??

And I swear to you, if i see you simply littering especially on the road, I will honk you until you'll get a shame coz someone notice what you're doing.. TQ.

Please change your attitude before you want to change the government... Ehhh...

Concerned Malaysian

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