Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Words Can't Tell.....

Good morning...

I was contented with the good news i received yesterday from one of my best friend that she's pregnant.
oh Sweettttt..Alhamdulilah.
I know how you feel when the doctor said that the small beautiful creature is inside your womb by 6 weeks already.
Joyful..although it's a second child..
such a feeling that words can't tell.. Only all mommies and women can feel that..
Not to forget the husband too.. (Sorry pa..hehe)
She did mention about the nausea & vomitting.. That's the killer part. hahaha..
Different from the first baby, this time the morning sickness hits her.. (Alamak..pity u..)
And I was like, please don't remind me bout the past 4 months.. (i phobia la..hehe)
Cannot eat, cannot drink, cannot smell anything, cannot watch your favourite tv drama, cannot do anything at all..coz u'll feel like to vomit at anytime n anywhere...hahahaha.. Sounds cool rite??? (Fainted!)
Thank you Allah for this unique experiences for the mommies...
Coz at the end of the day, we realize that Your gift is the most precious gift to us.. Blessed!
Hope everything is going smoothly to all of us who are expecting. Insyallah...
For me, husband should play important role here.
Husband must always be by our sides to make us strong to face the all the test during pregnancy..
Give fully support, give full attention and love to the wife.
By the way she's carrying your child kan..?? Do love her...

All is well,

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