Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10 Steps to Reclaiming Joy in Career

My bos had email me this article.
So i decided to share this to all readers..
It's true.. we have to be happy in everything we're involved..although we're not..
:( (isk...isk..isk...)

10 steps to reclaiming joy in your career:
1. Identify what gives you joy in your career - when do you truly smile?
2. List what is impacting your joy...this is a much harder list.
3. Choose to find happiness in each day...what are you grateful for today?
4. Calculate the impact of unhappiness...how much can you control?
5. How can you adjust the areas you can control?
6. What are you willing to change...are you whining, or can you take action?
7. What haven't you found joy in that you use to? Why did you lose it?
8. Make the effort and motion to find joy in something new...keep it as a focus.
9. Share what makes you happy...ask someone what did recently that had them really demonstrating happiness...listen and see it in their eyes.
10. Take the time, the energy, and the foolishness to skip, to laugh, to give yourself a hug.

The value of finding joy, can make the difference between feeling 'dread' on a Sunday night when you're thinking about going into work the next day to waking up with an attitude of making a difference, or impact.
The choice begins with an action. Identify what your first step will be.


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