Monday, May 3, 2010

10 things Single Woman hate to hear

1) So, why are you single? (Do we have to tell everyone y are we still single now..?)

2) You're too picky.. (Of coz.)

3) But you are pretty! Why don't you have a boyfriend?? (OMG! Is it a curse if we don't have any..?)

4) Maybe you're not looking for one.. (We're too busy for that..)

5) When the time is right you will meet someone. (What a relief.. We know that..)

6) When is your turn? -at wedding.. (Don't worry, we won't forget to invite..huhu)

7) He just wasn't a right guy for you. (Yeah, true..That's why we're not meant to be together..)

8) You'll find the right person for you. (Someday..maybe..)

9) Do you wan't me to look for? (No thanks!)

10) I wish i were single and in your shoes. (anytime!)

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