Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seriously..Im Taking Back My Luv..

I give it all up, but i’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love,
i’ve given you too much,
but i’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love, my love,my love,my love,my love


  1. My sis,

    Broken hearts, love's deceit,
    pieces fall down to my feet.
    Broken promises, love's a lie,
    puddles form from tears I cry.
    Broken dreams, love's illusion,
    sorrowed cause of your intrusion.
    Broken hope, love's a game,
    doesn't last, ends the same.
    Broken sleep, love's the cause,
    digs at me with sharpened claws.
    Broken spirit, love of sorrow,
    stolen now is my tomorrow.
    Broken life, love is lost,
    Broken now and that's the cost.

    Liena al-Mazen

  2. ade lagiiiii....

    Time after time
    I try to forget
    The day we kissed
    And the day we met

    I can't handle
    Thinking of you
    Because i thought
    Our love was true

    I'm telling the truth
    When i say this
    I don't blame you
    for that last kiss

    There was nothing
    That i could say
    To make you love
    To make you stay

    I guess it was just
    One of those things
    You obviously thought
    It was just a fling

    I've worked my way
    Through all the pain
    But i will never
    Be the same

    So now and forever
    You'll stay in my mind
    You'll stay in my heart
    Till the end of time ..

    Liena Al-Mazen