Monday, September 7, 2009

Kami Anak Emak..!!

Dari kiri: Ude, Along, Mami, Shima n Ayu..
anak2 emak..hihi...yg mana satu idaman kalbu?? ha, pilih2..!!

we love u mom..!
u're the sweetest mom in the world..
U're rock...



  1. mak sbnarnya sayangkan aku lebih dari korang!!! ahahhahahahah jgn marah....aku anak emak. ko anak angkat aje mak jumpa kat pasar ramadhan thn 1986.....isk isk isk...panjang citer yu..sedey aku nak story.

  2. Mum, thank you so much
    For everything you have done for me.
    I love you so much
    And you mean a whole lot to me.

    Thank you for giving birth to me,
    That is the start of my life.
    You help me when I feel troubled
    And have hurt in my life.

    I do not know where I would be,
    If I did not have you.
    I am glad I have got your love,
    You make me happy when I am feeling blue.

    You are my rock,
    You keep me safe and make me strong.
    Your heart is my home
    And that is where I belong.

    Mum, I love you.
    You mean so much to me;
    You mean more to me than you could
    Ever know, imagine or see.

    I am glad you are my mum
    Because your love has no end.
    I cannot live without you
    As you are my savior and my best friend